Last harbour never

On Boxing Day in 1970, the marine park opened as a rescue and rehabilitation centre for native marine animals, and we continue with this work. We have a Rehabilitation Licence issued by NSW – Office of Environment & Heritage – NSW National Parks & Wildlife Services. Additionally, we work closely with our local branch of NSW National Parks & Wildlife Services and have a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with them on how we will work together for the benefit of our native marine animals.

The first official image of Stranger Things star David Harbour as Hellboy has now made its way online and it can be seen below, in all its Big Red glory. Many have wondered whether anyone could capture Hellboy as well as Perlman did, but – at least superficially – Harbour looks like he’s going to fit the role like a glove. A glove that would no doubt be hard to fit on that giant hand of his.

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